A thought I want to share. A help I want to give. While training some hundreds and interacting with a thousand unskilled and semi-skilled individuals of the country finding a similar sort of problem which aiming towards a phobia and disease. In the last 6 years of my career interviewed with some hundreds personnel mainly of age brackets 15 to 25 years also with few hundred individuals of age group 26 to 35 the missing spark is of motivation and the force to drive their passion as they don’t have their future frame the future that they can see and aim. One brain participating in different fields of education, profession and socio- economic inherited problems.

The outcome of interviews and investigation I had conducted is alarming and threatening for the future of YOUTH and THE COUNTRY…..

scattered brain

“One is having different passion to study and different profession to follow. Our youth burdened with socio-economic problems intentionally or unintentionally have to follow the way can earn or earn the best to somehow fulfill the needs of their household. Their passions remain their dreams till the time they can spare their capital and time to retain back to the track of passion. It’s a misery and I can’t reach to the verdict that this calamity is by their own or by our system as system also can’t sponsor the passionate youth to a major extent”

What’s identical in the statistical results of mine which I am unable to document because of the reasons that majority of them have distinctive nature of issues. There is a one “secondary education with commerce or arts background found of to do some engineering sciences by hands on but unable to continue studies now a days working as a sales person”

In this scope of situation a professional bluntly charge on such affected individual what you are doing  securing different “Education-Passion and JOB” regardless of the depth of the problems individual’s past holds, presently exist and what moreover to do for future. There is a need of a question to ask “SON (Betaaaa..)WHAT YOUR MISSION HOLDS ?” and if there is no mission help them to make one . An individual before all this holds a distracting focus, wrong techniques and inheritance of no guidance to pursue career. The right guidelines surely do wonders for lots of people in worst situations. Our youth just not suffering from socio economic problems but also of disease of vague objectives and future. The country’s situation demand us to not just have incubators like Montessori  for small age students to sharpen them for their big run of life I feel a need of counseling platforms in all situations to medicate before it’s too  late to realize them follow and find your bread and butter in your passion as you built for that.

Obaid ur Rehman

GUMRAHI…….. A Concerned…….

Unclear Goal

Shayad Gumrahi hay , Asaisho Say Nisbat or Mazbuti Ka Taaqqub….

Gumrahi He Hay Asaisho Say Nisbat Mazbuti Ka Taaqqub,

Kia Manzil Dhundhli Hay .

Ya Us Ki Khuwaish Kamzor….

Kia Khud Kamzor Ho…

Ya Yaqeen Kamzor, Apni zaat Par, Ya Apnay RAB Par,

Jaan Lo Mushkilaat Ka Wajood Nahi…

Shayad Sirf  TUM Kamzor Apnay Iraado May


Tumhari Manzil Wazah Nahi Bazahir Khud Tum May.

A deep concerned spilled on the paper when the temperature is intense cold minimum 0C in the last week of DECEMBER 2013

 An Exclusive Thought For The Awakening of Exclusive(s)


Obaid ur Rehman



Better being CRITIC to your ACTIONS before EXPECTING something from OTHERS…..

Better being CLEAR and stay CALM for PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE rather betrayed HUMANS….

HUMANS scared of HUMANS to show and choose the LIKES & DISLIKES

HUMANS scared of HUMANS to be REAL & LOUD in their IDEOLOGIES and in explaining  their FAILURES just for the sake of HUMAN thought and feel bad about them.

HUMANS are HUMANS   nor GOD……. They are NOT the ONE writing your FATE and NOR your BREAD & BUTTER……


The lost is of YOUR’S  in the end NOR of the HUMANS…….


Why don’t they know the true FRIENDS & RELATIONSHIP doesn’t need anything…..

Why HUMANS are conscious to an extent and before making any relationship why they ask such things to their own….. That match me or not …..  That suites me or not …… That’s stand with me or NOT…. What others think of ME………….. Why they worth this ………..

The ONE who worth such thoughts is the ONE scared of countless  DISGUSTING METAPHORS exist in this world…… YOU can’t  WIN HUMAN’S while considering such METAPHORS….

The ONE who worth DISGUSTING METAPHORS deserve the LOSS and surely the REPAIRABLE LOSS ……

Considering METAPHORS seeding ANXIETY, AGONIZED and it remains till the LAST….


HUMANS are   HUMANS   nor GOD……. Why YOU  priorities them a lot Think about IT…….

Be the VOICE of YOURS ……

Better, not just better BEST is Living with your LIKES not with the LIKES of HUMANS…

YOU can conquer the MOST with the voice inside YOU, the determination inside  YOU if you are TRUE, YOU don’t need to hide yourself ………. YOU don’t need to be scared…..

The ONE likes YOU, Trust YOU, YOUR ODDS AND EVENS doesn’t worth for this HUMAN….

Because who Likes YOU… Likes your Inside VOICE…….. Likes REAL YOU……..

Be NATURAL as its YOU ………… The ONE likes YOU and have faith in YOU can DIGEST everything………  What might HUMAN’s don’t want from HUMAN’s is PRETEND…… What CURE  HUMAN’s is LOYALTY…..  MEAN IT……

If you CAN’T let HUMANS know…… It’s also LOYALTY to EDUCATE them you CAN’T what you CAN’T …….. The PEACE established in YOU when YOU are TRANSPARENT and be the one YOU are…… Don’t PRETEND…….. When YOU don’t …….. YOU remain the CALM in Your PAST , PRESENT and in FUTURE………..


Be real

Unstructured EXCLUSIVE thought for EXCLUSIVE HUMAN(S)…….

For the SAKE of their HAPPINESS and MEDITATION……. And Praying to ALLAH ALMIGHTY……….


Obaid ur Rehman

Pattern Thoughts Can’t Aim Height

Problems - SolutionsOnce in one of my Master’s Classes in particular course is  Entrepreneurship  Instructor started the class with a provoking  question to measure the enthusiasm / need of the diverse age group of students “Who can be an Entrepreneur ? “ at that  moment might be there were  lots of students who wants to cultivate their minds to be a successful Entrepreneur there were people who are Entrepreneurs also there were people who have clogs in their minds instead of answering that question and sharing their wish and thought  they started thinking with “HOW” we can be an Entrepreneur making the equation more complex they applied almost every studious formula live in their minds gathering everything as available  on “How To Do” manual  ending with  the puzzled  thought that they were short of tools and character required for such stance and  not the one in the  species who can be the one Entrepreneur. Most probably it’s not their handful resources which stop them to craft an equation which suites best to them it’s definitely their pattern thought or stereotyping influence which doesn’t find the positive germ for building the viral enthusiasm.


In humans there are two types of brain One is Right Dominated and Second is Left Dominated or we can say humans have inbuilt two portions of brain. Right dominated brains have more chaotic creative thoughts not following usual and taught ways of finding solutions for problems they go with the unorthodox way irrespective of the results that it always aims perfect and logical. They listened to all worst form the people and characteristics of finding an odd solution of the inherent problems rarely identified by the world. They have low-cost solutions doesn’t seems professional every time but they are recognized solutions these type of people have credit to a massive extent they help unconventionally where all formulas and equations jammed in execution. They believe in “Hands On” instead off “Eyes On” experience they gathered trash which seems very obvious wastage for some trillion humans but they are in ambition of make trash the gold. Left dominated brains are pattern humans they think analytically in habit of check every instant that nothing goes imprecise nothing looks odd in presenting the formula of the solution remembering thumb rules they have solution of the problems they find it logical, pattern and have one, two-three and end kind of list for solutions this kind of species write things reiterate them so that they apply the old proven solution once again. The instantaneous conditions and problems of the world doesn’t allow humans to stick to the formula thing now a days the time demands R&D, rewind, rethink , rebuild omit the same old same old designs and always find the best solution as the one last best doesn’t remains best it’s become one step down and term  as better. For a most successful person there is not the one best portion of the brain which encompass the career in a peak height however for significant results both sides of the brain must be utilized as some times human needs logical reasons to proceed and sometimes artistic thoughts are required to find the out of the box solution which is the demand of the moment.

To yield the best results it has to be finalized that what to do in the situation when you need a perfect equation to solve the problems. In reality there is not the “ONE” perfect formula to solve the instantaneous conditions and problems of the professional and social career. The reality of the world is future rarely repeats the past and if you find an event having resemblance with the past it resembles and not exactly the same time and situation so your applied theory not always crafting a solution for you in the future that might be a successful one in the past. The World change, things change , humans change , constraints change, problems change , resources change , brain capacities change  , time change , powers change , changes itself change so all rapid changes demands rapid solutions and rapid solutions demands every executable idea throw must  incubate like a nascent baby and care till its execution to the real ground. In human relationships , relation like parents they are liberal to all their children  not biased to anyone in caring and supporting till the age they are on their feet similarly  ideas need such nourishment they can termed right and wrong after their results not before however every success leads towards both sides for followers another success or might a downfall but you never know what’s suites best for you so give them a whir and not assume with one side of the brain either its right or its wrong.

In any sort of career you are, better is to give room to  both parts of the brain and priorities that what’s time and conditions are appealing as there is not the one best solution for every problem there are various solutions ranked itself when you interpret both sides of your brain. It’s also reality that various profession needs stereotyping mechanism to find and rectify the problem as Doctors, Forensic medical investigators, and someway Engineers as well but up to an extensive extent these professionals can apply the unconventional theories on these jobs too in engineering unconventional theories impact to a larger extent as creative thoughts in this profession stunt the old gurus of this field and they can’t stick people to follow the same way of producing products and rectify problems. The litmus paper test to identify Acid or Base doesn’t imply on all businesses of the world.


Every angle gives the different impact and solutions can’t be finding by one scope of camera, navigation requires and zoom also required.  As soon as you asked by, Can you do it ????? doesn’t think that you have every ingredient in-built to for the job you can cultivate methodically and artistically what needs is a need of whole unit used right very top of your machine. When you stuck up and feel your mind tricks you leave the place change the angle change the frame, change the influence of the bossy situation, change the time constraint and make the best solution as your only divine constraint for finding the best solution make yourselves answerable for the best solution be your own critic and raise some trillion questions in your progress you will definitely unleash the best living in YOU. Scenarios doesn’t constraint US as a whole, our motivations, our think tanks, our attitudes towards our objectives, our choices are much lethal concentrate hindrance in comparison to anything else Give a complete rotation to the brain for unleashing the BEST IN YOU ………………



Obaid ur Rehman

10 Days In Spiritual Training Without Presence Of Physical Trainer


How  does it feel when a person surrender himself for a training program that has nothing to do with tangible assets and business of the world neither of the profession one is following and its amazing there is no presence of Physical Trainer. The frequency and magnitude of following  rules is all yours and following them throughout the training tenure is upto you. The journey of this spiritual program starts when a person priorities the investment for the life hereafter on the investment in this mess up world where R.O.I (Return on Investment) is not sure neither sustained the factors are infinite which can ruined your investment but for the other ground surely set after this life your investment are well banked and R.O.I is all promised by Allah Almighty with multiplying effect all HE expect from us is the purity and transparency in the worship. This world is all jammed with the traffic of problems and the stories of human deceive human and etc. It’s worth mentioning that this is a religious offering and spiritual training termed as “AitayKaaf” followed by MUSLIMS. There are short-term training programs too in the religion ISLAM but this kind is of unique one when you left everything your priorities either professional or social on the one greatest goal that is an agreement with Allah Almighty that (Allah Taalaa Man Jai) that’s all , exhibit that I left everything physically and mentally for the sake of forgiveness and Infinite  blessings of Allah Almighty.



One step to the another , the time you have taken the first step there is a smooth rise in  intoxication of the worship as it gradually rise it reminds  you of yourself how was you and what you had done in your past life (Full of Sins) still even than Allah Almighty have blessed you with better than millions and trillions. In the Mid of the training the morphine is all in your veins and headed towards your head and the silly heart is all halted as the major part of it is in the acquisition of the head that’s entirely focus in the worship of Allah Almighty this feeling is one of the best feeling I have experienced it feels like Allah Almighty is listening and healing everything in me and satisfaction is on its best that I will be forgiven from the sins that are plenty.  The spiritual training is at his best it leash you tightly to don’t go for longer sleep the alarm is all set you don’t need your guardians for me specially “My Mother” to wake me up you have timer in the head as  the circuit gets open when it’s  3 AM on the clock I  never experience such precision. It seems very much impossible in the everyday life even some of us get help from Alarms and push them  hard when they rung but even we set them everyday  in the training we need no engineering aids that’s an another beauty the human machine is all controlled and masking in the blessing shower by Allah Almighty and I believe there must be an another creation of Allah Almighty (other than Human) which came to wake you up and you surely woke up and there is no second thought as we have at home 10 minutes or 20 minutes more relaxation.  You are not tired, not bored and don’t want you to be set free from the training premises. In the training span you are comparatively undergo more physical fatigue as compare to other days and nights of Ramadan but you never had such feeling in you that you tired to attend the next day of the program everything is surely healing from the physical fatigue to the mental fatigue.. The time period is quite adequate but when the tenure is all  complete the thought is very vivid there is a lot more to explore , lot more to achieve , lot more is remaining and the last day when you are leaving for home as you enter in the home met your family members it seem you are back in not more than few hours. You were crying for the reason you worth more than anything that you are blessed and forgiven. Every moment is unable and short of words to explain you like to find corners of the Mosque from the beginning to the end like to weep is every prayer  wants to make them mandatory and try to present your weakness with the help of tears and the bad effect of the burden of sins on you that if your are not forgiven surely there will  be no purpose and satisfaction to live in this world and no expectancy of the life hereafter (Akhiraat) after every prayer definite signs on you , definite marks on your silly heart , and definite thoughts on your head that development is in progress physically and mentally. It’s not you stupid , you were never and you will never be the one whose intentions can do any  move in this world  what you can do is to sow good deeds and leave everything on Allah Almighty.


  •   Definite feeling of relaxation and fullness of training material after completing the training.
  • Change in perception about the volatile world.
  •  Better Focus on the different task of the world you worth them on their volatile reality as the eyes are wide open and you can evaluate humans and business of the world better.
  •   You can forget people deceive you and businesses you endure great loss.
  •   You starts establishing a resilient believe in yourself that it’s not human control world it’s all control by supreme power of  Allah Almighty.
  •   You will know it’s better to know what Allah wants from you rather than following what human being wants from you, you can’t agree Humans as they have many problems but you can agree Allah Almighty and that’s worth more than anything.
  •   Great Satisfaction in yourself that you step towards controlling your illness and the medication starts working for you.

Satisfaction Comes When You Do THE BEST from your side and Leave Everything On ALLAH Almighty.

Obaid ur Rehman